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                                         Doing Business In Benson: It's All About Access

       Benson is getting a Hampton Inn Suites and there several restaurant development opportunities available.         Check out this video!

Located at the mid-point between Miami and Boston, where I-95 (the "Main Street" of the East Coast) intersects with I-40, Benson, North Carolina is a logistical dream location for business.
Access to domestic and international markets: Most East Coast destinations are within a day's trucking distance, and 70% of U.S. and Canadian markets can be reached overnight. Rail service is extensive, and two deep-water ports are less than 2 hours away.
Access to an exceptional labor environment: featuring an affordable, productive and well-trained work force, supported by world-class educational resources.
Access to a business-friendly climate: with the state capitol right next door, you're positioned to take full advantage of all that our right-to-work state has to offer, including generous tax credits and incentives.
Access to resources: Benson is just minutes away from the renowned Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham International Airport, four major research universities, and the nation's largest military installation.